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Insurance Agents

Insurance is now widely available even online but this has not made insurance agents obsolete. While the internet has made transactions a lot more efficient, insurance agents will still be very useful when it comes to giving advice to customers about the policies they need, their pending claims and other complicated issues about insurance.

What do insurance agents do?

Insurance agents primarily sell insurance products but before they can do that, they have to get a license to sell insurance in the state where they do business. These agents make life easier for those who are confused over the type of policy they need by giving the latter an overview of each policy and the corresponding benefits.

While you are advised to compare notes when it comes to the premiums and benefits offered by the various insurance companies, it would also be wise to listen to the sales pitch of insurance agents who sometimes offer big discounts when you buy bundled insurance products. Why should you compare auto insurance quotes from different companies when your agent can offer you a discount and other perks if you purchase all of these products from one company?

Insurance agents know the insurance industry very well or at least they are expected to. Thus, they will be in the right position to help you find the best insurance coverage given your requirements and financial capacity. They also help in the processing of customer claims.

What is the job description for insurance agents?

Your insurance needs will keep on changing through the years but you can rely on your insurance agent to help you out whether you need any of the following types of insurance:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Boat insurance

An insurance agent’s job is described as someone who networks with various types of people to get prospects for a variety of insurance products. This is someone who is ready to approach potential customers in any way possible including a direct personal approach, phone solicitation, email messages and group presentations.

Agents help determine the needs of customers by determining their existing insurance coverage and comparing vis a vis the latter’s lifestyle. He or she also provides insurance rates for customers and follows up prospective customers. This person assists the customers in filling up insurance forms and determines the required documents to finalize the insurance policy.

Types of insurance agents?

Insurance agents can either be captive agents or those who regularly work for a single company and sell that company’s products, or independent agents who sell a variety of insurance products from different companies.

An agent can also be further classified into a general agent who is licensed by the state to sell various types of insurance products although he does not own an insurance agency. A principal Agent on the other hand, is an agent who runs his own insurance agency although he can also become a captive agent for another insurance company.

What types of people do well with insurance sales?

An ideal insurance agent is one who is outgoing and who loves talking to people. However, there are other skills required of an agent including skills in prospecting, marketing, providing motivation for the sales force, selling, presenting insurance products, general skills in Mathematics and analytical skills.

If there is one characteristic that would make a person succeed in a career as an insurance agent, then it would be the gift of gab. A person who can speak well and say what he wants to say to another becomes an effective agent whether in insurance or in some other industries. However, one also needs to have an honest interest in people and genuine concern for them to be able to become an effective insurance agent.